Photoblock 2017

I wanted to say a huge thank you to all my Kickstarter backers who helped make my exhibition at this years Photomasters a success.


I am also extremely grateful to Georgina from The Old Truman Brewery who gives recent MA graduates this opportunity to exhibit alongside top photographers. That is the magic of Photoblock – being able to see award winning images from the AOP and RPS exhibitions next door stapled paper zines from Zines of the World.


Photoblock celebrates the different styles of photography and i was happy to see Tif Hunter again this year with his beautiful tintypes. It was also wonderful to hear he won in the open award single image category. With so many developments in digital photography, it’s exciting to see photographers working with antique processes being recognized.

You can see the AOP winning images here.

Another highlight of Photoblock was Giles Duley’s talk on his exhibition “I Can Only Tell You What My Eyes See.” Giles images are extremely moving and powerful but what i love loved most about this exhibition was the inclusion of artworks from child victims of war. Among their images of sadness, there was hope, optimism and resilience, themes that Giles portrays in his photographs so well. Giles commented on how charities often claim they are “giving people a voice” but knows that we should do away with this notion. These people already have a voice. His work is helping those voices to be heard.

I regret not attending The Supper Club, a dinner for 100 guests with home made Syrian food which Giles described as “a guided tour of the exhibition by myself, and as we eat – talks, music, a celebration of arts and debates on action that can be taken. Every night, a slightly different mix.” I will also say that the food smelt incredible and the tables looked truly beautiful.


I also fell in love with Tommy Clarke’s aerial images of Iceland. I am often told that my Polaroid Manipulations remind people of aerial photos so its no surprise i loved these images. I think he is one of the few photographers whose work i would love to purchase if my budget would stretch that far!


Once again a huge thank you to John Rovira, Hervé All, Thomas Bull, Tim Houldsworth, Seb Brix, Emily Sewell, Chris Tompkins, Leah Lee, Rose James, Keith Colbert and James Rogerson for your support.



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